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Pest Control In Westport, CT

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Friendly Pest Control In Westport, CT

Westport is a coastal Connecticut town 52 miles northeast of New York City. Sitting on the Long Island Sound, it provides residents with ocean views, beaches, riverside walks, and entertainment venues. The Fairfield County town also has several locally-owned shopping and dining options, ensuring residents have everything they need.

The parks, woods, and waterways in Westport provide food, water, and shelter for many animals. These creatures often live near homes and businesses, invading buildings for necessities. They're harmless outdoors but cause damage and spread illnesses when they venture indoors. Westport, CT, pest control professionals can protect you from these concerns.

Insecta X Total Pest Solutions is the go-to pest expert for Westport and other Connecticut communities. We know the troubles these intruders cause and how to keep them out of your home or business.

Residential Pest Control In Westport

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Westport has spacious properties residents can't find in nearby cities, making the town a popular place to live. It also makes the town attractive to several animals. They invade homes through tiny cracks to find food, water, and shelter, damaging structures and making people sick.

These pests are difficult to find and remove without professional help, and Insecta X Total Pest Solutions provides the best home pest control in Westport, CT. Our technicians will inspect your property for signs of activity, hot spots, and entry points. We'll treat openings in your exterior and spray the perimeter of your yard.

Each season provides unique pest threats, so we offer seasonal coverage to protect your property. Call us to keep pests from causing problems in your Westport home.

Commercial Pest Control In Westport

Westport businesses are essential for the community, but local pests threaten their safety and operations. When these creatures invade commercial facilities, they damage equipment, contaminate products, and leave pathogens that can spread illnesses. Commercial pest control in Westport, CT, has the tools to protect you from these potential problems.

Insecta X Total Pest Solutions provides expert pest control for businesses in numerous industries. Our process begins by inspecting your property to determine the problem. We'll develop a treatment plan to eliminate pests and prevent future issues. Every situation is unique, so we'll customize our services to meet your needs.

We provide preventative maintenance to keep your structure less attractive to pests, but those conditions can change. For this reason, we offer recurring services for year-round protection. Contact us to keep pests away from your Westport business.

Common Wood Destroying Pests In Westport

Westport pests cause problems that require professional solutions, and wood-destroying pests are among the most troublesome. They invade buildings through tiny entry points and chew or eat the wood in your structure from the inside out. As a result, these pests can put the structural integrity of your building into question, making it unsafe to occupy.

Multiple wood-destroying species invade Westport buildings and feed on or live in their wood. Each of these species has unique characteristics and threatens structures in different ways. Common wood-destroying pests in Westport include:

  • Termites use mud tunnels to enter buildings, drill tiny holes to infest wood, and slowly eat from the inside.

  • Wood-boring beetle larvae feed on wood and escape through exit holes as adults.

  • Carpenter bees drill holes in wood to create galleries for laying eggs.

  • Carpenter ants chew galleries into your wood to live and raise their young.

When you call Insecta X Total Pest Solutions, we'll inspect your property to find these pests and determine how they got inside. We use Termidor to control the intruders and seal the holes they create. We'll also take the necessary steps to prevent future infestations by closing entry points and removing attractants.

Our wood-destroying pest control services include 90-day or two-year warranties, depending on the species. Let us know if wood-destroying pests are threatening your Westport home.

Why Ticks In Westport Need Professional Treatment To Remove

Ticks are dangerous pests on Westport properties, invading homes to feed on residents and pets. They hitch rides on wild animals to access your yard and cling to grass blades. When you or your pets stroll through the grass, ticks will attach themselves to feed, possibly spreading illnesses in the process.

Residents can control some pests with over-the-counter products, but ticks require professional help. Attempting DIY (do-it-yourself) tick control is ineffective, allowing the creatures to remain on your property, biting your family and pets. Some of the reasons why residents require professional tick control in Westport include:

  • Ticks are hard to discover.

  • Ticks spread illnesses when they bite.

  • Wild animals carry ticks onto properties.

  • Every tick infestation is unique.

At Insecta X Total Pest Solutions, we aim to eliminate up to 95% of the tick population on your property. We'll spray hiding spots like grass, woods, and brush. Our technicians will discover vulnerabilities that are allowing ticks to infest your yard and provide tips to keep them away.

Ticks present health concerns for Westport residents when they infest yards. Give us a call if you notice these biting pests on your property.

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