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InsectaX is a family owned and operated pest solution and inspection service, with over 30 years of industry experience, serving residential home owners, investment property managers, and the commercial industry in and around Fairfield County.  We provide professional staff of licensed pest management professionals, offering extermination services, prevention services, live animal relocation services, inspection services, and pet safe options.

Along with prompt and friendly service, we also have a treatment guarantee, so you can feel secure that your pest problems won’t continue to be a problem following our service. Our past customers appreciate our professionalism, and our outstanding testimonials prove our dedication to them. Don’t let pests control your life; take back control and give us a call…

(203) 938-3595


We offer a top to bottom property pest inspection. Our uniformed, licensed technician will perform a thorough inspection, focus on any known trouble spots, and recommend a treatment to solve your pest problem. Learn more about our pest, termite, and other wood destroying insect inspections, click here.


We offer PRO-X Routine Service Agreements to provide regular and seasonal services. Our scheduled services range from a monthly service, Pro12-X, to a quarterly service, Pro4-X. Scheduled services are ideal for prevention, seasonal pests, or to manage and monitor repeat pest problems.


Our primary service is overall home/property treatments and scheduled services. Additionally, we offer targeted pest control options for pests, such as: Termite Control, Ant Control, Tick Control, and Bed Bug Control. We also offer services in rodent and other wildlife animal control.


In our industry, customer service is critical. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction with speedy response times, reliable scheduled services, and (of course) quality results.

We research and test the latest products to ensure their safety and effectiveness in and around your home. Under strict certification guidelines, we are educated on all current practices, chemicals, and safety standards in the industry.


Insecta X is the name you can trust to deal with any kind of pest problems with in your area. Below are some of our most common services. Our most popular residential services are our PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS, with Pro 12-X, Pro 9-X, Pro 6-X, and Pro 4-X

Termite Control

We offer termite inspection services and extermination and prevention options


Bed Bugs

We offer inspection and extermination treatments for bedbugs and their eggs.


Tick Treatment

Whole yard treatments will prevent ticks while being safe for pets and children.


Rodent Control

Don't let rodents make your home theirs. We offer interior and exterior rodent control options.



What Our Clients Say About Us

Ants were everywhere

I came home to my kitchen covered in ants, like seriously covered. Immediately called Insecta X, and Rocco came over about an hour after I called and treated the inside and outside of my house. Within 2 days I couldn’t find a single living wanderer. Thank god, because I couldn’t believe how many there were.

Edward R.
New Canaan, CT

Rats from a nearby Restaurant

I had rats around the house at night, thankfully not inside yet, so I called InsectaX to get rid of them before it got worse. Upon investigation I was told they needed to talk to the restaurant just down the hill from me, because that was the route of the problem. The talked to the owner, who agreed to some changes and a rat service, and in the end stopped the problem for me. Totally above and beyond.

Jason S.
Stratford, CT

InsectaX is the BEST!

After moving into a new home, we quickly discovered that we had a cave cricket problem. These suckers are terrifying! We received several referrals for InsectaX and they came out just a few hours after our initial call. Long story short, no more cave crickets. Their prompt and swift response saved us from further infestation. Will be using InsectaX for all of our critter extermination needs in the future.

N. Gilbert
New Canaan

Found our bandit

We had a critter we could hear at night but never find. Rocco came by, found how they were getting in, and a family of raccoons he was able to capture and relocate. Super happy with the service and that the animals weren’t harmed.

Debbie B.
Trumbull, CT

Worst Situation Ever

We unfortunately had a bed bug infestation, and we had to get rid of a lot of things but couldn’t get rid of them. Our biggest fear was doing a treatment, but those still returning, but we called InsectaX, were given several additional tips, and the treatment worked! A+ Service!

Kris V.
Redding, CT

No termites a year later

Insecta X was patient with my questions and did a thorough inspection before treating my house. Now, a year later, I still have no signs of termites.

John Simmons
Monroe, CT