The Best Way To Protect Your Norwalk Property From Pests

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Growing up, were pests something you lived with in your childhood home? Was finding spiders crawling across your basement floor a regular occurrence? Did flies buzz around the table at dinner time? Was the occasional ant found stealing food off your countertops? If these things are true, do you now have tolerance for the pests crawling around inside your home? If you do, we recommend you take today to reconsider. Here is why you need protection from common pests here in Norwalk, and how to guard your home.

Why Pests Are Pests

Most people view pests as just an annoyance. Although they are indeed incredibly annoying, this is often not the only problem they cause. Many creatures that invade homes pose a serious threat to health, property, or both. Take rodents, for example. These furry invaders chew up insulation, tear the clothing apart, chew holes through walls, gnaw on furniture legs, sever wiring inside walls, and spread dangerous diseases. Cockroaches are almost as bad as they damage paper, spread diseases, and cause asthma. Other pests that cause serious trouble around area homes include ants, spiders, wasps, bees, termites, and flies.

If we had more time to break down what problems each pest in Norwalk causes, we would, but we believe our time spent with you today should be focused more on prevention than fear. That said, here are three ways to keep pests out of your living areas.

Keep Things Clean

Most pests love dirty environments because they provide places to hide, scarps to eat, and moisture to stay hydrated. In order to make your living areas unattractive to pests, deep clean at least once a week, including under heavy appliances, behind couches, and in other places that scraps of food may have fallen. To help keep things clean, address food and moisture messes as they occur, and consider limiting the number of rooms where you eat food to one or two.

Seal Off Entry Points

Your home's exterior is your first line of defense against pests. To make sure it is properly sealed, try these simple exclusion tips.

  • Buy a caulking gun and some silicone caulk. Use this to seal off holes, gaps, and cracks in your foundation and around window and door frames and utility pipes and wires.
  • Make sure door sweeps are on all exterior doors.
  • Check your doors and windows to make sure they are fitted properly and aren't wreaking havoc on your electric bill and letting in pests.
  • Repair damage to your home's window and door screens.
  • When you aren't using unscreened windows and doors, keep them shut.

Address Attractants

The final thing you can do to prevent pests is to address things that might draw them in, like food, water, and shelter. To help with this, here are six rules to follow.

  1. Store your trash in tightly sealed and clean bins.
  2. Wipe down sinks and bathtubs after using them.
  3. Use a dehumidifier inside your home and empty it regularly.
  4. Store leftover food inside airtight containers.
  5. Clean up after your pets.
  6. Mow your lawn regularly and keep greenery trimmed.

A Simple Solution To Pests

Preventing pests on your own takes a lot of effort. Things are much easier when professional-grade pest control products are in the mix. If you want a fast and easy solution to your Norwalk property's pest problems, trust the qualified specialists at Insecta X Total Pest Solutions. Our team understands invasive pests and has access to the commercial-grade products needed to handle them effectively.

Contact us today to get more details about our home pest control and commercial pest control plans.