Termites Be Gone: Proven Techniques For Successful Termite Control In Norwalk

large amount of termites

Living in the Northeast has its positives and negatives. We get four seasons, but we have to deal with long, cold winters. Hurricanes and tornadoes aren't usually on our radar, but it's not unusual to get a couple of feet of snow dumped on us in one storm. Many pests that southern states have to deal with can't survive here, but we're the tick capital of the world.

One of the things that many people in Connecticut mistakenly believe they don't have to deal with is a termite infestation. Because of our climate, a lot of homeowners think that termites don't live here. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. In fact, in some ways, our climate puts our homes at even greater risk of termite problems. If you need proven techniques for successful pest control in Norwalk, this article can help.

You're Not Likely To See A Termite: How To Identify Signs Of Activity

Termites are pests that spend their lives hiding from the open air. They do this for their own survival since their bodies are not built to withstand the elements. The only termites you might see out in the open are reproductive termites, and even then, they only come out for a short period of time as they look for a mate. That's why it's important to know how to identify the signs of active termitesaround your house.

A newly established termite colony in your home is not going to be easy to identify. Because they stay within your walls when they get into your house, it takes a long time for their presence to become obvious. However, there are subtle signs to look for, including:

  • Check for mud tubes along your foundation walls.
  • Look for tiny holes in areas of exposed wood in your house.
  • Outside, look for any areas where wood comes into contact with the soil. Check that wood for signs of tunneling and damage.
  • Pay attention to wooden doors and windows that "stick" and are difficult to open or close.

By paying attention to these early signs of a termite infestation, you can take action quickly to eliminate the problem with effective termite control services in Norwalk.

Devastating Effects: Understanding The Potential Damage Of Termites

If you wonder why a termite infestation is a big deal, you have to understand the damage that termites can cause. Termites eat wood, so as soon as they get into your house, they will begin to damage the wooden elements inside. While having your vintage rocking chair destroyed by termites would be bad enough, the bigger problem comes when termites start eating away at structural parts of your house. If these weaken over time, it can make your house a dangerous place to live. Evidence of termite damage can come in many forms. You might notice bubbling paint or wallpaper on your walls, sagging ceilings, or buckling floors.

Understanding The Termite Threat: Why Termites Infest Homes

A termite infestation in your homemakes perfect sense when you take the time to think about it. Like any other living creature, termites need food and shelter to survive. Although they can survive underground, even in cold climates, by living below the frost line, it makes sense for termites to find a place to live that offers warmth all year and a steady food supply. Your house provides both.

Professional Termite Control: Long-Term Termite Control And Protection

The best way to make sure your home doesn't get damaged by termites is to protect it from termites before they get inside. However, even if you think termites might already be present, it isn't too late to act. The best termite treatment in Norwalk is available from Insecta X Total Pest Solutions. We have over 30 years of termite control experience.

For termite control near you, contact Insecta X Total Pest Solutions. Our termite control will eliminate active termites and provide 24/7 protection for your Norwalk home. Don't wait until termites damage your house. Contact us today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Norwalk.