Why Professional Rodent Control Is The Way To Go In Norwalk

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Mice, rats, squirrels, and other types of rodents will invade properties, particularly as the winter approaches. Among the most likely points of entry include openings near the foundation of the structure, holes near eaves and gutter systems, external vents, and more. When a rodent enters a property, they will usually identify a dark and quiet nesting site, such as in locations inside of walls, beneath floors, or other hard-to-reach places. 

Rodents are territorial creatures; therefore, it is very unlikely that more than one type of rodent would coexist within a home. Rodents pose possible health risks and will create property damage. They may gnaw through drywall, flooring material and could create fire risks when burrowing through electrical wiring. Some of the diseases associated with these pests include leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and more. 

Signs Of A Possible Intrusion From Types Of Rodents 

Recognizing the signs of rodent infestation is the first step to ousting them. Dried foods in pantry areas are often torn open and scattered, with trails of their droppings nearby. Look for signs of materials scattered that are used for building nests, such as insulation, fabric, and paper products. Most rodents are nocturnal and can be heard rummaging around during the night when they are most active. 

Tips For Prevention 

What do rodents eat? Unfortunately, one of the challenges when trying to get rid of rodents is that these creatures are opportunistic scavengers that will eat a wide variety of food. Some of the best practices include: 

  • Promptly place leftovers in the refrigerator or durable sealed containers. 
  • Trash cans with food scraps should have functional lids.
  • Remove birdfeeders from yard areas, uneaten pet food bowls, and pick up fallen fruits. 
  • Exterior trash areas should be cleaned and maintained with all bags placed in sturdy receptacles.

When To Contact A Pest Extermination Company

Far too many property owners hesitate to respond promptly when they first notice indications of a pest intrusion. Perhaps you notice cockroaches when sweeping behind a kitchen appliance? Do you hear the scurrying sounds of potential rodent activity in the attic or crawlspace?

The problem with failing to contact a trained pest controller immediately is that once pests have infiltrated the property, the problem usually gets progressively worse. Rodents and other creatures will rapidly reproduce, expand their presence to other areas, and begin more aggressively competing for food sources.

Insecta X Total Pest Solutions is prepared to provide fast response six days a week for immediate pest-related concerns; however, we also offer ongoing residential protection plans that ensure the property remains free of unwanted pests all year long. These comprehensive and specialized property solutions include monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly treatment visits targeting fleas and ticks, effectively controlling wildlife, and preventing intrusions from wood-destroying pests. 

Leading Exterminator Of Rodents In CT

Insecta X Total Pest Solutions has been proudly serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Norwalk region for more than 30 years now. We begin by conducting a detailed inspection of the premises to identify the type(s) of pest that has intruded, the points of entry, and the extent of the infestations. Next, we take action using a potentially wide variety of available products and application methods that are conducive to today’s eco-friendly standards for the pest control industry. 

Our team of experts is committed to delivering the highest-quality customer service that ensures our total satisfaction. As a family-owned organization, we understand the importance of safety and stand behind our work performance with a “re-treatment guarantee.” Our technicians routinely exceed customer expectations by responding to the majority of customer requests within 24 hours.

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