Pest and termite inspections are often suggested when purchasing or selling a home, commercial, or investment property. It’s a relief for a buyer to know that they will not have pest issues including in the purchase of a new property, so our inspections and treatments can ensure buyers are confident in their purchase.

Our inspection services are always done by our most experienced pest control experts. Their experience can determine your property’s current problem areas, as well as where you may likely have future pest problems. You will be provided a detailed report following an inspection, and can opt to follow through with treatment or additional preventative measures.

Don’t buy a home without a inspection from a licensed Pest Management Professional.
Get a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection!

The best way to know if wood destroying insects are present is to have a state certified professional inspect for them. A WDI inspection is required by your mortgage lender. We provide a thorough WDI inspection, which is approved for use with FHA and VA loans, and is reported on the required NPCA-1 form. Call a professional at Insecta X Termite & Pest Control Management LLC.

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